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Apis Rex is a network of independent experts providing consulting services to nonwoven and personal care companies on aspects of strategy, marketing & sales, business development, M&A, project management, and operational excellence.

Our Services

Our team of experts can provide a wide range of tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Strategic Planning

With exclusive insight into the nonwovens industry, trends, and competitive landscape, Apis Rex provides state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to help you execute your long-term plans.

Operational Excellence

In-depth diagnostics of your process manufacturing operations to help identify your assets’ full potential and deliver value beyond expectations.

M&A due diligence

Buy-side and sell-side expertise to identify and connect with future partners , execution of technical, commercial, and human capital due diligence.


With decades-long experience and connections in the industry, Apis Rex delivers unrivalled market and competitor intelligence to help with your strategy execution.

Human Capital

APIS REX has developed a Human Capital competency center in partnership with a leading executive search firm in Switzerland. Though this collaboration, we have identified and placed dozens of high-level executives from within the nonwovens and personal care sectors, providing our clients with the manpower needed to execute their strategy.

Project Management

Whether it’s to develop a greenfield industrial project with multiple production lines or to troubleshoot existing equipment issues, Apis Rex team of experts can deliver solutions quickly and cost effectively.

Why Work With Us


Whether on the buy side or sell side of and M&A transaction, APIS REX offers total secrecy and discretion

Unrivalled Network

With over 100 years cumulative experience APIS REX consultants offer access to top decision makers & cutting edge market intelligence.

Cost Effective

Because we understand the markets and industries in which we operate better than traditional strategy consultants, we can rapidly bring focus to what will make a difference, saving time to deliver meaningful results faster.

Since 2015 Apis Rex has helped over 30 clients in 18 countries achieve their strategic goals
Clients include private equity funds, start-ups, and established companies, both public and private.

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